in vari ambiti merceologici. La progettazione a 360° è affiancata da un team di tecnici qualificati con competenze differenziate e complementari, in grado di affrontare le problematiche della moderna gestione dei processi in tutte le sue fasi e in diversi contesti, spaziando dalla progettazione di prodotto all’interior design.
L’approccio al progetto si caratterizza per una grande attenzione agli aspetti formali, ai materiali, al contesto e non ultimo alle soluzione tecnologiche odierne. Altrodesign è un network in grado di accompagnare il cliente durante tutte le fasi di realizzazione di un progetto: crea il concept, lo realizza, coordina interamente le attività ad esso correlate, gestendo tutto il processo creativo.


_Altrodesign, founded in 2000 by Gianluigi Landoni with R.S. Galli carries out consultancy and planning activities in various product areas. The 360 ​​° approach is flanked by a team of qualified technicians with differentiated and complementary skills, with the ability to face the problems of process management in all its phases and in different contexts, from product design to interior design. The approach to the project is characterized by a great attention to the formal aspects, to the materials, to the context and not least to technological solutions. Altrodesign is a network able to accompany the client during all the phases of a project: the creation the concept, its realization, the coordination of all the activities related to the whole creative process.


Waterproof LED Strip

Black Friday is officially in full swing, which means it’s the best time of the year to buy new Philips Hue smart lighting products. The Ring Floodlight Cam packs a pair of bright LED lamps, a 1080p video camera and a 100db siren that will scare intruders away. You should now have a fully working motion sensor within your old light. Our lights are designed to give you everything you need to maintain proper lighting in areas that need it, with the ability to customize most features.

When it comes to installing the LAPUTA Exterior waterproof led flood lights, you will be happy to know it comes with metal bracket. It is easy to install as it can be mounted anywhere, from flat surfaces to steel clamps and so on. With a 5,000 lumen and a color temperature of 5,000 Kelvin, it shines so brightly while also being energy efficient.

Fixtures should not be installed so that the top extends above the top of the door. Flood lights are available in 4 types of light sources such as incandescent, exterior security led flood lights fluorescent, quartz halogen and metal halide. LED floodlights have environmental benefits, and these perks make them suitable for outdoor lighting.

There is also a 2-in-1 installation feature, ie you can either stick your light and solar panel into the ground using the mounting stakes included with this product or hang from the wall using the screws also contained in the box. Our brightest Best outdoor led flood lights all emit a brilliant quality light that is shadow- and glare-free.

Although there is no industry standard for LED brightness or intensity, many manufacturers use terminology such as “ultra-bright” or “super-bright” to describe their lights. If you don’t want a security camera built into the floodlights this isn’t going to work for you (basically it’s either perfect for you or you should avoid it).